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Rates include the instructor work and the equipment loan. That is a sum up about all our outdoor activities. You have to pay in the euro currency.

Currency converter :

Canyoning Verdon Informations
Canyon name Time Level €/pers
Haut Jabron 1h30 Easy 37 EUR
Saint Auban 2h30 Medium 45 EUR
Riolan 5h Medium 67 EUR
Aiglun 4h30 Medium 67 EUR
Bollène 4h30 Medium 67 EUR
Lance 5h30 Hard 70 EUR
Raton 6h Hard 90 EUR
Saint Jean 3h Easy 50 EUR
Imberguet 4h Medium 63 EUR
Valbelle 5h Medium 67 EUR
Maglia 5h Medium - Hard 67 EUR
Cramassouri 2h30 Easy 45 EUR
Loup 2h30 Easy 45 EUR
Gours du Ray 2h00 Easy 45 EUR
Randonnée aquatique de l'Imbut 4h Medium 70 EUR
Barbaira 4h Medium 67 EUR
Amen 6h Hard 90 EUR
Chaudan 2h30 Medium 50 EUR
Aqua Rando Couloir Samson 2h Easy 42 EUR
Aqua Rando Tusset 1h30 Easy 40 EUR
Val d'Angouire 5h Medium 67 EUR
Trigance 1h30 Easy 37 EUR
Via Ferrata Verdon Information
Via ferrata name Time Level €/pers
Digne les bains 2h30 Easy 45 EUR
Puget Théniers 2h30 Medium 55 EUR
Main morte (via corda) 4h Medium - Hard 55 EUR
Trou du renard 2h30 Easy 45 EUR