Saint Jean Canyon


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Presentation - the Saint Jean Canyon

The Saint Jean canyon is lied close to Annot in the 'Alpes de Haute Provence'. This canyon is very wild. It lonely offers a supply of esthetic abseilings and nice unexpected landscapes. Indeed, the river goes through impressive limestone walls. Please, notice that there are no jump in this round. Moreover, the water does not float during the summer. The Saint Jean canyon is only available during the spring time.

Difficulty: Easy

This canyon fits to everyone. You just have to hold 2 hours in a mountain environnement. Please note that there is no jump in the canyon.

Course of the Day

You need to hike 15 minutes to join the starting point. It is time to wear the wetsuit and listen to the safety rules. For all day long, you will enjoy doing esthetic abseiling in an awesome mineral environnement. Two hours and a half later, the Saint Jean canyon ends into the 'La Galanche' river. It is time to back up to the parking lot by an easy path.

Where is the Saint Jean canyon located?

The canyon is located close to Annot in the 'Alpes de Haute Provence'. The GPS coordinates are the following :
43.9420, 6.6902 (decimal degrees)
43°56'31.2"N 6°41'24.7"E (DMS)).

From Annot, follow the Squaffarels direction. Take the road N202 toward Digne-les-Bains. 200 meters before the bridge upon the 'La Galange' river, you will find the parking lot.


You can use our interactive map to estimate your itinerary.

You need to organize yourself and leave yourself a bit more time than what is indicated on Google Maps.