The Aiglun Canyon


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Presentation - Aiglun Canyon

The Aiglun canyon takes place in the river of 'Estéron'. This is located close to Aiglun, a small village in the wild hills. Going through huge limestone cliffs, the Aiglun canyon offers jumps into nice natural pools and a watered 5 meter high abseiling. For sure, you will not keep in mind this tour.

Level : Medium

Good health condition are required. You have to hike one hour to reach the beginning of the canyon. You have to swim. The best moment to practise is : august and september.

Course of the day

The journey begins hiking through the forest of the 'Saint Martin' mount. Arriving up to the canyon beginning, you will put the wetsuit and receive the security instructions. Then, you just have to enjoy your day with jumps and slides in unexpected landscapes. At the very core of canyon, you will stop to lunch in a paradisiac place.

Where is the Aiglun canyon located?

The Aiglun canyon is located in Aiglun, Alpes Maritimes. The GPS coordinates of the car lot are :
43.8625, 6.9075 (decimal degrees)
43°51'45.0"N 6°54'27.0"E (DMS).

From the village, Follow the road (called D10) toward Le Mas. The parking lot is lied on the bridge between two tunnels.


You can find the location of the meeting point on our map "location".

In Verdon Gorge, the roads are very smalls with a lot of turns. Take a couple of time more to get the meeting point.

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