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Canyoning Album

Saint Auban Canyon

Saint Auban canyon photos

These photos was taken inside a nice limestone environment. The Saint Auban canyon is very aquatic. That's why, there is movement in different photos.

Riolan Canyon

Riolan canyon photos

The Riolan canyon is very famous. You will see in this album the different parts of this magnificient canyon.

Haut Jabron Canyon

Haut Jabron canyon photos

This album shows you different nice photos of slides and natural pools lied in the Haut Jabron canyon.

Raton Canyon

Raton canyon photos

You will discover few photos about the Raton canyon, one of the most beautiful canyon located in the area called "the french Colorado".

Raton Canyon

Lance canyon photos

Canyoning Sud Est presents few photos of the Lance canyon. This canyon flows through a alpin environment. The context is a bit different in comparison to the other canyons that we offer.

Raton Canyon

Aiglun canyon photos

The Aiglun canyon is located between two huge limestone cliffs. The water color and the yellow rocks give us very nice photos.

Gours du Ray Canyon

Gours du Ray canyon photos

The canyon called "Gours du Ray" gathers nice water pools, jumps, esthetic waterslides and 10 meter high abseiling.

Trigance Canyon

Trigance canyon photos

The Trigance canyon corresponds to the end of the Jabron river. It flows into the Verdon. This canyon fits to families with young children. It tends to be dry during the summer.

Sisteron Canyon

Valbelle canyon photos

The Valbelle canyon is praticable over April and May. After this time, it tend to be dry. The landscapes are beautiful but you do not have jumps or slides in this canyon.

Cramassouri Canyon

Cramassouri canyon photos

The Cramassouri canyon is one of the most beautiful canyon located in the Alpes Maritimes.

Bollene Canyon

Bollene canyon photos

The photo album of the Bollene canyon presents nice photos with beautiful landscapes, esthetic jumps and the two slides.

Maglia Canyon

Maglia canyon photos

The Maglia canyon is beautiful. You will find nice photos of slides, jumps and the mythic cave.

Loup Canyon

Loup canyon photos

The Loup canyon offers slides and jumps. Click on the album to have a look on this nice canyon.

Imberguet Canyon

Imberguet canyon photos

The Imberguet canyon is only practicable in May and June. This canyon is really narrow with beautiful canyon.

Saint Jean Canyon

Saint Jean canyon photos

Click on the title to see our photos of the Saint-Jean canyon. This tour tends to be dry during the summer. We offer it when the other canyons flow too much to go safely down.

Moustiers Canyon

Moustiers canyon photos

The Moustiers canyon gathers jumps, slides and beautiful abseilings. This canyon is very wild. You will find photos taken through this awesome canyon.

Aquatic hike Album

Imbut Aquatic hike
Aquatic hike

Imbut Aqua-hike photos

This aquatic hike takes place in the very core of the Gorges du Verdon. Landscapes are totally awesome especially when the water is clear.

Samson Aquatic hike
Aquatic hike

Samson Aqua-hike photos

This album will show you beautiful photos of the "Couloir Samson. The water color is particularly blue.

Via Ferrata Album

Digne-les-bains via ferrata
Via Ferrata

Digne-les-bains via ferrata photos

You will see photos of the first part of the Digne via ferrata. This tour offers nice view points on Digne-les-bains town.

Mainmorte via cordata
Via Cordata

Mainmorte photos

This album gathers few photos of the Mainmorte via cordata. You can see the first part of the round with nice abseilings and the second part with the via cordata that offers awesome view points.