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The Trou du Renard via-corda

Publication date: : 2016-06-07

The 'Trou du Renard' via corda is located in the very center of the Verdon gorges., a massive formation of limestone. This activity combines climbing, abseiling, monkey bridges, a 50 meter long zip-line, and a little bit of speleology. It offers a nice panorama of the Verdon gorges, and is accessible to anyone... that is preferably not affraid of heights.

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The Loup Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-05-22

The Loup Canyon is well-known canyon at Pont du Loup! With many jumps of various heights and lots of large swimming paths, it is perfect to have a first try at canyoneering !

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The Cramassouri Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-05-15

Here are some pictures of the Cramassouri Canyon.This small watercourse is very well reputed as it offers various activities like jumps, natural slides and abselling as well as a beautiful views. Ineed, the Cramassouri is located in a limestone massif and it is an amazing wild valley.

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The Haut Jabron Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-01-17

The Haut Jabron is a beautiful canyon lied closed to Castellane. You can find slides, abseiling and jumps. The landscape is very beautiful.

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The Saint Auban Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-01-17

The St Auban Canyon is aquatic and sporty canyon. It's an half day canyon with jumps, slides and a big tyrolin.

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The Riolan Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-01-17

Doubtless, the Riolan Canyon is one of the most beautiful french canyon. You have evething, jumps, slides, abseiling and awesome landscapes.

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The Bollene Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-01-16

The Bollene Canyon is a full day canyon with famous slides. The river flow down in the forest especially appreciated in the summer time.

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The Lance Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-01-08

The Lance Canyon is an difficult canyon with technical abseiling, big jumps and slides. The view is awesome and the water very clear.

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The Raton Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-01-07

The Raton Canyon is a peculiar canyon with red rocks. There are a lot of abseiling and jumps. This canyon is very long. It lenghen 4kms. That's why, it's importante to be very fit.

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The Aiglun Canyon

Publication date: : 2015-01-02

The Aiglun Canyon is very funny with a lot of flow and jumps.

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The Saint Jean Canyon

Publication date: : 2014-05-22

The Saint Jean Canyon is located in the Hautes Alpes ! An enjoyable canyon with plenty of abseils of all heights ! 3 hours of pleasure for everybody, from beginners to experts, altho it is relatively dry in summer !

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The Imberguet Canyon

Publication date: : 2014-05-18

One of the longest half day canyons. The imberguet canyon offers a lot of jumps and abseils for those relatively fit ! Note that this canyon is likely to be dry in summer. Nevertheless, you can enjoy abseil up to 20 meters and jumps close to 10 meters high !

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