The Saint Auban Canyon


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Presentation - The Saint Auban canyon

The Saint Auban Canyon lasts 2 hours and a half. The river floats through two big limestone cliffs. The Saint Auban canyon offers various obstacles as jumps and slides. The highest waterfall enables us to set an esthetic 30 meter long zip-line up. Intense sensations, excitement and adrenaline join us during this unexpected adventure.

Difficulty: Medium

The higher jumps are not mandatory. Nevertheless, you should jump from 2/3 meters high to plan to do the Saint Auban canyon comfortably. This canyon fits to beginners who have no fear of jumps and water movements. For children, 12 years old is required.

Course of the day

First, you will meet the canyoning instructor to the parking lot. The guide will distribute the equipement and explain the security rules. The Saint Auban canyon begins by waterslides and small jumps. Fastly, you will arrive up to the highest jump that heightens 6 meters. Then, you will experience other jumps and funny water movements. Arriving up to the highest waterfall, it is time to experience a huge zip-line. After that, the canyon become flatter. You will dare to test your jump capacity in the last 5 meter high jump. At the end of the day, you will back up by a small path to the second car lot.

Where is the Saint Auban located?

This canyon is located in Saint Auban, Alpes Maritimes. The GPS coordinates of the parking lot are :
43.8466, 6.7283 (decimal degrees)
43°50'47.8"N 6°43'41.9"E (DMS)

From Saint Auban in the Alpes Maritimes, take the road (D2211) toward Briançonnet. The road goes through a big canyon. Then, the road goes down with different turns. After the Saint Pierre bridge, the parking lot is located on the left.


You can find the location of the meeting point on our map "location".

You need to organize yourself and leave yourself a bit more time than what is indicated on Google Maps.