The Raton Canyon


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Presentation - the Raton Canyon

Most of people agree in order to think that this canyon is the better located in the Alpes Maritimes. The rock is red and give a very specific character at the long tributary from the Cians, near Mercantour Natural Park. It’s a long and quite hard canyon, and the length is about 7 hours. It is wonderful but it demands to be very focus. The Raton canyon offers various jumps, slides and abseiling.

Level: difficult (for endurant people who have already a abseiling experience).

The Raton canyon lasts 7 hours roughly. Only fit profile will enjoyed this long and physical adventure. THere are a lot of abseils. Thus, it is better to have an experience to be efficient during the tour.

Course of the day

First, you will meet the canyoning instructor on the parking lot. After that, you will have to drive 18 kms and 20’ walk to get the beginning. The Raton Canyon starts! It is time to enjoy your life watching amazing wild landscapes. You will understand why we call this valley the french Colorado.

Where is the Raton canyon located?

The Raton Canyon is located in close to Beuil. The valley is called 'vallée du Cians'. The GPS coordinates of the parking lot are :
44.0399, 6.9762 (decimal degrees)
44°02'23.6"N 6°58'34.3"E (DMS)).


You can find the location of the meeting point on our map "location".

In Verdon Gorge, the roads are very smalls with a lot of turns. Take a couple of time more to get the meeting point.

The Raton Canyon on Google Maps