Verdon gorges via corda


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Via corda of the Trou du Renard

The via corda of the ‘Trou du Renard’ is a aerial course with rock-climbing paths securized with ropes. Also, a zip line long of aprroximately 40 meters and high of 50 meters, a Tarzan jump and abseils of 20 meters are waiting for you. The via corda of the ‘Trou du Renard’ takes place in the very center of the Verdon gorges which provides a unique landscape.

Difficulty: Easy

The via corda of the ‘Trou du Renard’ is fit to beginners as long as they are not afraid of heights. Indeed the course does not require intense physical conditions. OOn the other hand, landscapes are very vertical, and it is recommended that people with freights of heights.

Planning of the day

The meeting is next to the pub "Lou Cafetie", at La Palud sur Verdon. The instructor will take you to the parking and give the necessary equipment. After a brief walk to access the activity, you will equip yourselves and start the adventure of the Trou du Renard. The climbing section, the zip-line and the abseils are one after another, enhancing the sensations. After resolving the ‘fox hole’ riddle, you will be able to access the parking lot by taking a little dirt path. This via-corda leaves unique memories…

Where is the Trou du Renard via ferrata located?

The via corda of the Fox hole, or in french ‘Trou du Renard’ is located in the town of La Palud sur Verdon in the Alpes de Haute Provence area. The meeting is close to the Lou Cafetie bar. The GPS coordinates of the parking lot are :
43.7796, 6.3402 (decimal degrees)
43°46'46.6"N 6°20'24.7"E (DMS).

Go to La Palud sur Verdon. The meeting point is located to the parking lot close to the pub called "Lou Cafetie". You will see several spots to park your car in this street.


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