Verdon Gorges Aqua hiking - Samson's Corridor


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Verdon gorges Aqua hiking - Samson's Corridor

The aqua Hike of Samson's Corridor is very well known in the Verdon Gorges. It consists of going down in the Verdon by floating to get to the entry of the gorges or the end of the Martel's pathway. The aqua hiking of Samson's Corridor offers a lot of jumps from various heights, as well as some floating in the water flow. Aqua hiking of Samson's corridor takes place in beautiful surroundings of gigantic cliffs. The way back to the car park is also an intriguing adventure, as we are going through the tunnels of Martel's pathway. Claustrophobic be aware!

Samson's corridor is an aqua hiking in the Gorges of Verdon with a turquoise and clear water. Unfortunately, the activity is a victim of its success. The Samson's Corridor is to be avoided in summer, the overpopulation lessen the enjoyment indeed.

Funny Feature: the water flow depends on the EDF dam. That explains why, the aqua hike is not always practicable.

Planning of the day
Aquahike of Samson's Corridor

The Verdon gorges aqua hiking starts with a meeting at the parking lot with the monitor of the activity. They hand out all the provided equipment, and then you walk to the start of the aqua hiking where the monitor gives safety instructions. At this point, it's time to enjoy the surroundings and the jumps offered by the beauty of the Verdon. At the end of the canyon, you will go through tunnels is the aim to find the parking lot.

Level : Easy.

The Verdon gorges aqua hiking does not require any specific skills, only that are able to feel at ease in the water and that you are able to practice sports. Jumps are not mandatory.

Where is it located?

Meeting point at the 'Couloir Samson'. The GPS coordinates are as follows:
43.7907, 6.3982 (decimal degree)
43°47'26.5"N 6°23'53.5"E (DMS).

From Castellane, take the road to the gorges towards La Palud sur Verdon.


If you want to find the parking, you can consult our"Canyons' Map".

You will need a bit of extra time compared to what is displayed on your GPS or Google Map.