The Moustiers Canyoning


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Presentation - Moustiers Canyoning

The Val d'Angouire Canyon is located around the beautiful and historical village of Moustiers Sainte Marie, well-known for ceramics and pottery. This canyon dominates the village and the wonderful Sainte Croix lake. The spot is a jewel in the magnificent Provence region ! This canyon is naturally carved by water in limestone and calcareous massifs. During the approach walk, on our way to the canyon, you will have some beautiful views to the Sainte Croix lake. The canyoning course will offer you amazing and wild lanscapes into a very particular mineral canyon.

During summer, the canyon is a bit dry, but, fortunately, it will be a pleasure to canyon it during spring.

The Val d'Angouire Canyon, or if you prefer, Moustiers Sainte Marie Canyon, is very entertaining. You will enjoy some abseilings almost up to 20 meters high, jumps, slides and everything you need to make your day as usual.

Level: Medium

The Moustiers Canyoning is a medium level canyon. Jumps are not mandatory. Nevertheless, there are not a lot of escape paths so it is not so easy to leave this canyon before the end of it, once into it. Besides, better to be in good shape to go into the Val d'Angouire Canyon, if you want to enjoy your day properly.

Course of the day

Well, the full day Moustiers canyon will start at the meeting point. Firstly, you will meet your professional guide for the day in Moustiers village itself. Soon, the guide will give you all the necessary equipment. When everything ready, the group will be able to walk about one hour and a half to reach the beginning of the canyon. This is not a difficult walk but a quite long one. Howether, it worth it, surely. The walk will offer you amazing views to the Sainte-Croix lake. At the canyon starting point, you will need to put a wetsuit, neopren socks, a helmet and a harness on. Then, it is time to enjoy your full-day activity. The Val d'Angouire Canyoning will assure you a lot of fun, jumps, slides and abseilings up to 20 meters high.

After about 4h canyoning, it is now the end of your activity. You will have to put the equipment off, return all of it to the guide and finally reach the parking lot.

Where is the Moustiers Canyoning located ?

The Val d'Angouire Canyon is located in the Moustiers Sainte-Marie village, close to the Sainte Croix lake in the Alpes de Haute Provence (04) in the PACA Region. The GPS coordinates are :
43.8455, 6.2230 (decimal degrees)
43°50'44.1"N 6°13'23.0"E (DMS).

From Moustiers Sainte Marie village, take the road up to the cemetery. The parking lot is close, you will find it for sure.


You can use this interactive map to calculate your itinerary and check the location of the meeting point.

Be careful, in real life, it will take you more time than expected by your GPS or Google Maps for the course. That's why, remember… a bit time more, just to be sure, is always the best option !