Castellane Aqua hike


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Aquatic hike close to Castellane and Moustiers

The aqua hike consists in going through a part of the river, in the water by floating in the water rapids and on the banks. Some pathways offer the opportunity to do high jumps, slides, water games and underpasses. Unlike canyoning, the aqua hike does not include abseiling because there aren’t any waterfalls. The rivers are wilder. Aqua Hikes in the Verdon are taking place in the Verdon itself. The surroundings are breath taking.

You will imbibe this exceptional natural habitat. Nevertheless aqua hikes in the Verdon aren't for beginners; as the hikes demand a good physical shape. We offer two types of aqua hikes, which will allow you to discover the beauty of Verdon and experience feeling small in gigantic places.

List of aquatic hikes around Castellane

Castellane Aquatic hike
75 €/pers

Aqua hike - Imbut

The best way to visit Verdon

The Imbut aqua hike will allow you to visit the meandering of the river. It's a fun aquatic activity with numerous jumps and water games. This activity is intended to people with good physical condition.
Duration : 5h | Level : intermediate

Samson Corridor Aqua Hike
50 €/pers

Aqua Hike - Samson's Corridor

A beautiful Aqua hike initiation

The aqua-hike of Samson's corridor invites you to visit the entry of the gorges with numerous jumps and fun water games in incredible surroundings. Be careful : The canyon is over-populated during summer.
Duration : 2h | Level : Easy

Tusset Aqua Hike
50 €/pers

Tusset Aqua Hike

The family friendly aqua hike

The « Pont de Tusset » (Tusset Bridge) aqua hike takes place at the beginning of the amazing Verdon Gorge river. Floating, some small and medium high jumps into the water below. The most easy way to discover aqua hiking.
Duration : 2h | Level : Easy