Tusset Aqua hike


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About Tusset Aqua Hike

The Tusset Bridge aqua hike suits perfectly for young children (more than 7 y-o) and families. The guide offers you a way to discover the first part of the Verdon Gorge river: from the ancient Tusset stone bridge to the Solitaire rapids. The Tusset aqua hike lies upstream of the Samson corridor. This outdoor activity offers you a splendid panorama with wonderful floating games and some various jumps into the water.

We mostly prefer guiding you into the Tusset aqua hike between the 15th July and the 20th August. Indeed, Samson corridor is too crowdy during french summer holidays. Besides, since last year we need an autorisation schedule deliver by the municipality for this later, unless Tusset aqua hike, which remains free of obligations.

Funny Feature: the water flow depends on the EDF dam. That explains why, the aqua hike is not always practicable.

Planning of the day
Tusset Aqua Hike

You will need to go directly to the location of your activity by your own means. The guide will meet you there with all the provided and technical equipment. After few explanations, wetsuits and helmets up, a little walk downhill to reach the river, the activity will finally begin. The duration is about 1hr30min, including floatings, jumps, walking and swimming parts. Then a 15min walk uphill to come back to the parking place will sign the end of the activity.

Level : easy.

Tusset aqua hike is perfectly suitable for children, so family friendly. No mandatory jumps. Howether, children must know how to swim and be okay in an aquatic environment.

Where is the Tusset aqua hike located ?

The appointment location is on the Samson corridor road, at about 20 min far from Castellane town, on the right side of the Verdon Gorge river. The accurate GPS coordinates are :
43.7907, 6.3982 (decimal degree)
43°47'26.5"N 6°23'53.5"E (DMS).

From Castellane town take the road towards “Les Gorges du Verdon/ La Palud sur Verdon”. Just after the small tunnel, turn left towards “Couloir Samson. Find a place to park your car on this small road after about few hundred meters (exact location area below)


If you want to find the accurate location to park your car in the area, please have a look on this webpage: "Location” (Google Maps).