Terms and Conditions


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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that must be read and approved in order to participate in theactivities offered by Canyoning Sud Est. These terms and conditions aim to ensure the smooth running of activities. They avoid misunderstandings by defining simple and clear rules.

About Canyoning Verdon

The website https://www.canyoningverdon.net has been designed and written by Mathieu Cortes, a canyoning monitor, a self-employed worker.

Canyoning Verdon belongs to a network of Internet websites Canyoning Sud Est.

Canyoning Verdon is not a legal body. It’s a network of self-employed, qualified, insured canyoning staff.

Each instructor is an independent body (auto-entrepreneur or a micro-enterprise).

Each instructor is qualified and has civil liability insurance. You can request for the monitor who will be with you to show you these documents if you so wish.

Each monitor is responsible for its services in terms of the management of the business, the material used and the organisation of the output.

For your personal protection

Before considering an activity, you must be in good physical and mental health. You must be able to do sport. Therefore, you must not:

  • Have had a recent injury or operation.
  • Be on crutches or have a plaster cast.
  • Be pregnant.
  • Have dizzy spells.
  • Be an aquaphobe.
  • Be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • If you have any doubts, contact us.

Some points may seem absurd but they must be addressed

You must know how to swim and be prepared to go into the water.

During activities, you need to follow the instructions given by the instructor.

If you do not meet the conditions as stated here above, the instructor has the right to refuse you access to the activity.


It is important to book activities supervised by a monitor in advance. Before booking, please contact us to set up the activity and also the time and meeting point.

Some monitors require you to pay a deposit (30% of the total) to confirm your booking. This is due to many last minute cancellations or extreme delays.


On the day of the event, please bring a chequebook or cash in order to pay the monitor directly. The monitor will not have a credit card terminal in the canyon.

As regards the payment of the deposit.

By cheque :

Address : 31 rue nationale 04120 Castellane.

Order: The guide takes care of your transaction.

Amount: 30% of the total.

If the name on the cheque is different to the name of the reservation, please specify in your email so that there is no confusion with other customers.

By bank account:

Contact us so we can send you the bank details by email.

Banks often take a few days for transfers to clear. If you decide to pay by bank account, please send us a photo or screenshot to warrant that you have made the transaction.

If the name given when booking is different from the name of the account owner, please state this in the transfer message.

By Paypal or credit card:

Contact us so that we can direct you to the Paypal account.


Cancellation is not something to be taken lightly.

The monitor’s professions depend upon your leisure activities.

All cancellations must be notified at least 72 hours in advance.

In case you cancel the activity less than 72 hours before, you will lose your deposit.

Only the monitor can cancel the activity if it is considered to be too dangerous(thunderstorms, rain, rock falls, etc.). In this case, your deposit will be fully refunded buttravel costs will remain at your expense.

The instructor will do everything possible to avoid this type of situation by canceling the activity the night before if the weather is foreseen to be uncertain, for example.


Depending on the canyon you have chosen, we will give a date, place and time ofappointment.

You can find access to the venue on our interactive map. You can calculate your route byusing Google maps and you can calculate a predicted travel time. Please ensure you add alittle extra time to the predicted travel time. We also advise you to do so if you calculate yourroute with your GPS.

The instructors are patient and understanding. However, for delays greater than one hour, do not expect to find your instructor at the meeting point. In these cases, the deposit will be lost. It is for this reason that some monitors require deposits.

Abusive reservations.

When you book for a group, make sure that all members of the group come on the day of theactivity. If this is not the case you must notify the monitor 72 hours in advance. If notified lessthan 72 hours in advance, the agreed payments will be charged. You must pay for absentmembers.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The monitor accepts no responsibility in case of theft or loss of equipment in your vehicle. This is very rare. Nevertheless, we advise you to only take the bare minimum for your trip,that is to say, your bathing suit and your trainers.

Disputes and accidents

Each instructor is qualified and self-employed and is insured working with his own equipment. He is therefore responsible for his own services.